Pigment Pigment

Pigment is a term used to describe the substance giving color to paint. Pigment has been used to add color to our lives for eons. Early pigments were made from earth or clay mixed with water or lard. 

One modern way to add pizzazz to your patio is by the use of the tinted concrete. Those tints are made by adding pigment to the masonry mix before it is poured in your yard.  

Using Integral Color and Concrete Pigment

To color concrete the pigment is added to the wet concrete prior to pouring. This insures the color is all the way absorbed into the material and not just sitting on the surface like paint. Many colors are available and the cost to add color to your concrete is not all that expensive when you consider the lifetime results.

Examples of Color Pigments Used In Concrete

• Brick, red, camel and coral pigments are the most popular.
• Grey and slate pigments add elegance to your patio or walkway.
• Green and blue provide a nice compliment to most grasses and foundation plants.

On your next outdoor project consider adding a pigment to the concrete for an added touch of curb appeal.

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