Create a Pillow Snowman Create a Pillow Snowman

What You'll Need
One fluffy white bed pillow
A scarf or a strip of holiday fabric the color of Christmas theme
An adult's stocking cap
Orange felt
Seven buttons (the color of your holiday theme or black is recommended)
Pair of child's mittens or gloves
Whiskbroom or small straw broom (optional)
Glue gun
Everyone loves snowmen. They have a magical charm that even adults can't resist. A pillow snowman is great to set on a mantle or on your bathroom vanity. Pillow snowmen will bring a sense of holiday enchantment into every room of your house, and they're quick and easy to create.


  1. Pull the end corners of the pillow together and whip stitch them with heavy thread so they will stay secure.
  2. Glue a stocking cap over the end, hiding the corners that you just whipped stitched together.
  3. Tie the scarf or holiday fabric around the pillow approximately 1/3 of the way down from the top. This shapes the snowman's neck.
  4. Use the glue gun to glue buttons on for eyes, mouth and then three down the front of the body.
  5. Cut a piece of orange felt in the shape of a carrot. Glue it in place for a nose.
  6. Glue the child's mittens or gloves to the front of the pillow to resemble hands.
  7. Stand the whisk broom beside the snowman or glue it a miniature straw broom close to one of the gloves.

Tip: You can change the clothing on the pillow snowman to make a snow lady or snow children - let your imagination soar.

Place your snow people strategically around your house for Christmas charm and enchantment. Snow people are great gift ideas for those on your list who love the snow.

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