Pilot Hole

Sometimes when you are in a construction project you find a need to make a pilot hole. A pilot hole is a small hole that is used for the purpose of guiding a screw into a larger hole. This helps to keep the wood from splitting, and makes it easier to insert the screw. The pilot hole also improves your ability to insert the screw straight rather than angled.

How to Make A Pilot Hole

• Find a nail smaller than the size of the screw you will be using.
• Mark the spot where the screw will be inserted.
• Hammer the nail straight into the marked spot.
• Remove the nail.
• Insert the screw.

A pilot hole is especially useful when working with hardwoods such as maple or oak. If you are planning on using brass screws (which tend to break easily) you might consider putting a steel screw of the same diameter into the pilot hole to make the threads, then take it out and replace it with the brass screw.