Pine Needle Mulch Applications

Pine needle mulch is natural mulch that doesn't depend on the desctruction trees. It's made from pine needles that have already fallen. The mulch lets the soil retain moisture, inhibits weed growth and insulates the ground to keep the temperature steady.

Create Acidic Soil

Plants that do best in acidic soil can benefit from pine needle mulch. Pine needles break down slowly but are very acidic, so the acid seeps into the ground slowly keeping a high but steady level of acid. If your soil is on the alkaline side, a layer of pine needle mulch can help. You should apply a layer of about three inches.

Acidic Soil Plants

Some plants that do well in acidic soil are: onions, tomatoes, garlic, blueberries, azaleas, roses and rhododendrons. Be sure to avoid touching the plant stems with the mulch. If they touch, mold can easily grow on the plants because of the moisture that's kept in by the pine needle mulch.