Pine Plywood vs Oak Plywood

stacked plywood sheets

Plywood is a versatile material that can be used for many things, from walls and floors to furniture, but there are differences between pine plywood and oak plywood. Some of these differences may not seem like that big of a deal, while others may change your mind about either material. The information contained in this article will help shed some light on the differences and advantages of pine plywood and oak plywood.

Finishing Styles

Pine plywood and oak plywood are very similar in many ways but also differ in a few aspects, including what finishes can be used on the plywood. Pine plywood is more suited to Mexican furniture styles and furniture that is more rustic. This is due to the colors that the pine can absorb. Oak plywood can take a wider array of colors and techniques. This makes oak plywood better suited for more contemporary furniture styles and traditional looks familiar with oak.


Plywood is often machined and carved to your needs for whatever purpose you may have for it. Machining plywood is like any other kind of wood. If, for example, you wish to create a headboard for a bed, you could use plywood. You simply need to draw the design, cut it, sand it and then stain it. This can be achieved with both oak and pine plywood. If you want to create patterns, then pine plywood is easier to work with because it is softer than oak.


If you are creating a floor, wall, or piece of furniture required to hold a lot of weight, then the plywood's durability comes into play. Pine plywood is softer plywood, while oak is harder. Oak is heavy, strong, resistant to wear, and heavy, while pine is resistant to shock, very stiff, and moderate weight. Furniture and other things made from oak will stand the test of time long after pine has had to be refinished, replaced, or simply thrown away.


Oak takes a long time to grow, which makes it much more expensive than pine. Even though plywood is layers of wood (usually scraps or recycled materials), that does not always detract from the wood's price. If you are concerned about cost, then pine plywood is the way to go. Furniture made for children is nearly always made from pine plywood or particleboard because it is cheap and will stand up to the abuse it will take. The difference between choosing pine and oak can be hundreds of dollars.

Painted Furniture

When it comes to painting, pine plywood will do better with lighter colors like cream, eggshell, and ivory, as the wood itself is fairly light in nature, making it easier to paint.