Pinterest Inspiration for 2021 Home Design

Built-Ins for 2021
styled built-in with various items like books and baskets

2021 is bringing you all the styled built-ins. Start by making a pile of baskets, greenery, books, pottery, plants, art, and photos, and then play around with your shelving arrangements. 

Don't worry about getting it right on the first try, just move things around till something looks right. Use basic design principles like the rule of threes to add balance to your shelves and you are good to go. 

Pssst: If you don't have built-ins, you can fake them. Adding some crown molding and cabinet fronts to a regular bookcase that is almost as tall as your ceilings is a good way to go.

Image: Studio McGee

Color Me Impressed
Colorful mural art wall

Gone are the days of white bedding in an all-white room with white walls. Color is making a comeback. And whether you decide to go big and bold, or pair it back with some fun neutrals, a can of paint can go a long way. 

Riding the color comeback wave is colorful painted wall arches. These fresh pops of color may be a product of quarantine, but they breathe new life into any room in the home and they're an easy DIY. 

Image: Banyan Bridges

That Vintage Vibe
Vintage furniture and art on walls

Vintage is making a comeback and whether you're thrifting these finds, or buying them online, a little bit of old is sure to make your space feel new. 

When you're adding vintage elements into your home, don't feel the need to do a complete overhaul. Simply add in vintage pieces that you love little by little. 

We recommend hitting your local thrift stores, garage sales, and estate sales to dig for buried vintage treasure.

Image: Rixo

Cottagecore Goals
stone patio space with lean-to greenhouse structure

When you think Cottagecore, think the entire vibe of Taylor Swift's last album. Popularized online and through TikTok videos, Cottagecore is making home decor waves this year.

Cottagecore is simple, earthy, minimalistic, and cozy. This design trend combines minimalism with vintage and throws in earthy elements like reclaimed wood and live greenery. 

Think cozy English countryside and cobblestones.

Image: Paul Massey

W is for Wallpaper
Simple room with black and white wallpaper

Wallpaper has been making a comeback for a few years now, but with more and more sleek designs coming to market, it's not going anywhere now. 

Whether you pick a big, bold pattern, or keep it simple, wallpaper is a fun way to infuse your personality into your space. 

If you're a renter who wants to tackle this trend, use peel-and-stick wallpaper (and then check out some other renter-friendly ideas).

Image: Lulu and Georgia

Au Natural
Room filled with real plants

Don't be afraid of houseplants, they don't bite. What they will do though, is liven up any space and add a literal breath of fresh air into a dull space. If you've got space with nice natural light, give this trend a try.

Try plants like a Pothos, a ZZ Plant, a Snake Plant, Bamboo, or a Ponytail Palm. These plants are easy to keep alive and they add instant life to your space. 

Image: Natalie Jeffcott

Lighten It Up
Lighter toned wood in a room

Lighter woods are making a return to glory this year. Whether it's a lighter, brighter flooring option or furniture constructed out of lighter-toned wood, you're sure to see this trend popping up all over the place this year.

While it may be impractical to replace your entire floor, you can infuse this trend into your design with wood trays, decorative accents, floating shelves, or furniture pieces. 

Image: Jean Stoffer

Office Space
home office space with plants on shelves

Covid kept us home, drove us to DIY, and things got creative. In 2021 you'll see more make-shift home offices popping up. As people buckle up for more online, at-home work, you'll see a random nook turned full-blown office. 

Made extra on-trend by the floating desk and shelves, this is a look that is both form and function.

Image: Ultra Shelf

Do it for the DIY
Designed accent wall using paint and tape

Love it or hate it, this popular TikTok trend is here to stay (at least for 2021). Quarantine made us crafty and birthed (or rebirthed) the geometric wall. This, and a handful of other DIY home decor trends, are likely to continue into 2021.

With people spending more time at home, the desire to personalize our spaces has brought us back to our DIY roots. Whether it's DIY wall art, or a full DIY wall, 2021 has more than one fun DIY surprise in store for us.

Image: Love Maegan