Pinyon Pine Care Basics

Pinyon pine trees are a southwestern variety of evergreen tree. They grow to be between 10 and 30 feet tall. They are an attractive tree, they smell great and they produce pine nuts which are edible. If you want to grow a pinyon pine tree then you will need to baby the pine sapling until it is established. Once established, however, this hardy tree will be able to fend for itself.


Pinyon Pine Seedings

Pinyon pine trees propagate with seeds. These seeds can be harvested from mature pine cones from the pinyon pine. Pinecones are unisex so you don’t have to worry if you pick up a male or female pine cone. All pinyon pinecones that are ripe will have seeds called pine nuts. For the best results plant your seeds in a shady area, such as the north or east side of your home. Once the seedling has sprouted you will want to water it heavily once a week. During its first year of life you will want to keep all weeds and leaf litter away from the base of the pinyon pine seedling. This will protect the tree from disease and pests.


Transplanting Pinyon Pine Saplings

After the first year of life your pinyon pine is fairly hardy and it can be transplanted to its permanent home. You will want to mix one part compost with two parts soil to pack around your pinyon pine sapling. After pinyon pine planting you will want to give it a healthy dose of water and give it supplemental water for the next few months to help it re-establish its root system in its new location. After it is established your can let your tree care for itself.