Pipe Stress Pipe Stress

Induction heating has been used for multiple applications in many industries for years. Only recently have welders began to use induction heating to relieve pipe stress on welds. Here are some interesting facts about alleviating pipe stress at welds through induction heating.

Alleviating Pipe Stress

Pipe stress in plumbing is usually alleviated through using rubber flanges and other specialty connectors, but this can’t be done when the pipe stress is located on a weld. Induction heating means that welders can use the power of electromagnetism to heat a weld and reduce pipe stress. This type of pipe stress relief on welds is very efficient as the heat can be concentrated only to the necessary area.

Conduction is required to rid pipe stress through induction heating much like resistance heating. Induction heating is able to penetrate deeper than resistance heating. Another upside to using induction heating to alleviate pipe stress in welds is that the tool itself does not become hot. This allows it to be used in confined spaces without producing unnecessary heat or fire hazard. Induction heating to relieve pipe stress is one of the safest methods to relieve pipe stress on the market.

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