Places to Install Cobblestone Pavers Places to Install Cobblestone Pavers

Cobblestone pavers add an elegant, visually appealing and attractive décor element to any outdoor area. By creating a walkway or travel way with cobblestone pavers, you can add a historic feel to an area. As well, you can give an outside area a completely different look and feel than a simple concrete sidewalk could accomplish.

Disadvantages to Cobblestone Pavers

When considering cobblestone pavers, the best information you can have is the disadvantages to using cobblestone. First, you should be aware that cobblestone is more expensive to install than concrete. As well, if you are installing cobblestone pavers as a driveway, automobiles and bicycles will make more noise when traveling over cobblestone than pavement.

Advantages to Cobblestone Pavers

Now that you are aware of the disadvantages of cobblestone, you can consider its advantages. Cobblestone comes in a plethora of colors and designs which allow you unlimited creativity in your project. As well, cobblestone can be replaced one stone or paver at a time if replacement or repair is required later in time. This makes repair work for cobblestone inexpensive and easy. Cobblestone is also very durable once installed which increases the lifespan of your project.


Patios are a great location for cobblestone. With the endless array of color and design choices, you can create a patio out of cobblestone to match any outdoor décor you might have. Since patios are generally low traffic, other than foot traffic, the cobblestone should remain intact for an extended period, allowing you to enjoy your cobblestone patio without requiring much maintenance.


Gardens are an attractive and colorful addition to any home or yard. Most homeowners take pride in the visual and aesthetic appeal of their gardens. By adding a cobblestone walkway or focal point within your garden, you can compliment your existing landscaping with an attractive walkway that will draw the eye through your garden.


Driveways are one of the first things visitors see when arriving at your home. By installing a cobblestone driveway, you can instantly add curb appeal and décor to your home. A cobblestone driveway will compliment a stone or brick home. With added appeal and attractiveness, also comes an increase value to your home.

Stepping Stones

If you do not want to create a full walkway or sidewalk in your yard, you can use cobblestone pavers to create stepping-stones. By strategically placing cobblestone pavers in your yard to create a stepping-stone effect you can decrease your overall installation cost. The cobblestone can still be selected to compliment your taste in color and style. As well, the stepping-stones create a walkway in your yard without requiring the ground or grass loss that a full sidewalk would require.

Swimming Pools

Cobblestone pavers are an excellent way to pave around a swimming pool area. The cobblestone adds beauty and visual appeal to the area while still providing the ground cover necessary around your swimming pool. Cobblestone pavers offer a high wear and resistance to damage, while offering a non-slip surface to add safety to your poolside. The vast array of colors and designs allow you to select the perfect paver to compliment your pool and outside area décor.

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