Places to Recycle Cell Phone Chargers Places to Recycle Cell Phone Chargers

Many people take the time to recycle their cell phone after they have a new one, or it breaks. By taking this step they are helping to keep the hazardous materials that are in these phones out of the water and soil. But, what happens when there is a cell phone charger that you can not use for another phone? That can be recycled also.

Contact Nearest Recycle Station

Before you take the cell phone charger to the nearest landfill, call the recycle station to see if they accept chargers with the used cell phone. Generally, they will also have a place where the charger can be recycled. 

Contact Cell Phone Provider

Another great place to recycle your old cell phone charger is with your service provider. Many times they take back old chargers to use in house for their display phones, or use as loaners for other customers.

Contact Recycling Service

There are plenty of buy back centers that will pay money for old cell phones. Search the internet for cell phone buy back companies and check if they also take the chargers.

Use Recycle Box in Your Area

Many cities today have designated areas where old cell phones can be dropped off in a box. Generally, the cell phone, battery and charger are all accepted in these designated boxes. 

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