Places to Recycle Your Old Printer Places to Recycle Your Old Printer

If you have an old printer you're looking to get rid of, you may be curious about how to go about recycling it. If so, you can rest easy, because there are several convenient places that will recycle the printer for you.

Used Computer Specialty Shops

One of the best places to recycle an old printer is a used computer specialty shop. These stores will generally offer you a small sum of money for the printer, after which they will either fix it and resell it or scrap the device after harvesting it for parts.

Charity Retailers

Another great place to recycle a printer is a charity retailer, such as Goodwill. Before proceeding to donate an old printer to one of these stores, make sure the printer still works and call to confirm that the store accepts used computer equipment. As an added bonus, you can often get tax deductions for larger donations.

Electronics Recycling Centers

If the printer you wish to recycle is no longer operational, you can take it to your local electronics recycling center. If you're unclear on the location of the nearest center, you can ascertain its address via a phone book consultation or a quick online search.

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