Plan a Tile Backsplash Pattern Plan a Tile Backsplash Pattern

What You'll Need
Backsplash tiles
Tape measure
Pattern book

If you are planning to install a backsplash for your kitchen, then you may want to consider a tile backsplash pattern. Arranging the tiles to form a particular design, or even buying a ready-made set of backsplash tiles will help you to create an attractive backsplash. Look at designs which are not too complicated if this is your first installation, as you may not want to spend your time installing a difficult tile backsplash pattern. Better yet is to carefully plan the pattern before you begin.

Step 1 - Plan the Area

Before you can start making your tile backsplash pattern, you will need to know the size of the area which you are using. Take one of the tiles you will be creating the pattern from, and measure it carefully. Measure the area, and then work out the number of tiles you need to complete the backsplash. This will affect the size of the design that you choose.

Step 2 - Get Ideas

Look on the Internet and in pattern books for examples of patterns you want to use. Sketch some designs.

Step 3 - Make Your Design

Draw your design in a notepad, making careful note of the dimensions. Divide into tile shapes.

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