Plan a Family Sharing Day with Dad Plan a Family Sharing Day with Dad

Sometimes the best Father's Day activities of all can take place in your own home. This year, plan a "Family Sharing Day" to spend time together enjoying all the things that make you a family. Spending the day looking back on the fun times you've had and looking forward to more fun times in the future will create a Father's Day that your Dad will just love.

Bring Out the Family Movies

How long has it been since you've watched some of your old family movies together? Most families take plenty of them, but then they rarely watch them. Gather all your old movies together ahead of time, so that you can make sure you have the proper equipment to view them. Once you've assembled a big stack of movies and the proper VCR or DVD players, you're ready to have some fun. You'll probably be amazed at how many movies you actually have taken in the past, and Dad will certainly enjoy seeing how everyone has grown. As part of the day, be sure to take a few home movies of everyone enjoying Father’s DAy together, so that you have some fresh movies for next year.

Look Through the Photo Albums

Most families have even more photos than they do movies. Drag out all the albums and CDs that contain photos, and look through them together. If you have time before Father's Day and are technically savvy, you could even create a slideshow out of some of the pictures and copy it onto a CD or DVD as a present for Dad. He's sure to love some of his favorite photos turned into a slideshow movie, complete with musical accompaniment, to enjoy on his special day. You could simply choose some of his favorite photos, or create some theme movies, such as a photo collection of his past birthdays, Christmas Day over the years, or a timeline of kids' photos showing how they've grown. It's a special gift that he's sure to love and you'll be able to have fun watching it together as a family.

"Show and Tell" Memory Sharing

Plan ahead of time, and tell everyone in the family to gather together a few personal belongings or heirlooms that have special meaning to them. If you're having problems deciding what items to choose, think of what five things you would grab from the house if somebody told you that you had to leave and take only five things with you, other than your clothing and necessities. Everyone should be prepared to give a short presentation, explaining their special possessions and why they are so important. It might be a special toy that they've had since they were a baby, a favorite photo, or something that their Grandma or Grandpa gave them. It will be interesting to hear everyone's story and learn what means the most to them. This activity can really help everyone understand that it's often the simple and small things in life that mean the most to them.

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