Planning Your Honeymoon

The first step in planning your honeymoon is to set a budget.  If you are planning on taking your trip right after the wedding, include the honeymoon costs in your total wedding budget.  Once you’ve decided how much to spend, you can determine what type of trip you want to take, when you want to go, and how long you will stay.  No matter what, don’t try to leave for your honeymoon the day of your wedding. 

The wedding ceremony and reception will leave you tired, and you want to save energy for your wedding night.  You want the wedding night to be special, so it is important not to have to worry about getting up early to catch a flight or doing any last-minute packing.  Preparing for the ceremony and reception is enough work, so adding in honeymoon planning might be more than you can handle. You also don’t want to have to get up too early the day after your wedding, so building in at least a day or two in your schedule before you travel is probably a good idea. 

Taking several days off of work before your wedding may make it difficult to take an extended honeymoon.  If this is the case, you and your partner should discuss postponing your honeymoon until you are able to take more time off work.  Waiting to take your honeymoon will also give you a chance to save more money for the trip.  If you do choose to wait, take a couple of days after your wedding to just chill out together at a nice hotel or a cozy country inn.  A lot of modern-day couples choose to take their honeymoon on their first anniversary, which allows them to save up more money for the trip, and to celebrate their marriage once again. 

Discuss with your fiancé what types of activities you would like to do on your vacation.  Do you want to travel the world?  Hit the beach?  Or do you want to do something more adventurous, like backpacking?  There are tons of wedding packages and destinations available, so consider them carefully.  If you’re really lucky, you and your fiancé will agree on the type of activities you want to do.  However, it’s more likely that you will have different ideas about what you should do on your honeymoon.  In this case, it may be best to split the trip – do what you want for a week and what he wants for a week. 

If you disagree on what type of honeymoon you should have, there are resorts and cruise lines that offer excursions, beaches, and tours so that you will both be able to find something you can enjoy.  Another benefit of resort and cruise vacations is that you can usually purchase all-inclusive packages, so you’ll know most of the costs beforehand.  But be warned, there are usually hidden costs for excursions and alcohol purchases.  Make sure you read the fine print and look online to read customer reviews of the resorts or cruise lines.

It may be practical to plan your honeymoon through a travel agent.  You can meet with a travel agent for free, once you have some ideas in mind.  Using a travel agent will take the pressure off you, and travel agents usually have contracts with hotels and airlines for lower rates. 

The further ahead you plan your honeymoon, the less it will cost you.  Airfare, hotel reservations, and car rentals can all be made well in advance, saving you quite a bit of money.  Just make sure to schedule time off from work and that you know the exact dates you will be traveling, since some companies will not refund your deposits if you are unable to arrive on your scheduled date.  If you make your own reservations, be sure to mention that it is your honeymoon, as many hotels offer upgraded suites, free champagne, and other amenities for honeymooners. 

You can pre-order champagne, flowers, and other special touches for your hotel suite or cabin.  You may also want to take books, games, and sports gear with you on your trip.  Don’t feel like you have to spend every minute together on your honeymoon, especially if it’s a long one.  If you need some time alone, take it.  This will prevent tension and arguments, as being with any one person nonstop can be stressful – even if you love them.

Now that you know how to plan your trip, it’s up to you to find the right destination.  Whether you want to go rock-climbing, tour the cathedrals in Italy, or chill out on the beach, the options are out there.  With careful planning and careful packing, you will be able to enjoy the trip of a lifetime.