Beach Wedding Basics Beach Wedding Basics

A beach wedding is like saying "I do" to the world. Mother Nature gives her blessing carried by the ocean breezes. But there are several things to keep in mind when planning a beach wedding, like beach conditions.

The Tide

The tide can spoil even the best-planned wedding. Take into consideration where the tide will be at the time of your wedding. The last thing you want to see is your wedding décor washed up!

Tent Rental

Consider renting a tent if the sun is a factor. Guests want to see the wedding rather than squint their eyes to get a glimpse. Churches and civic groups are great sources to rent great tents for next to nothing.

Beach Essentials

Ocean breezes blow lots of sand. Consider providing a small bucket of inexpensive sunglasses for guests to take advantage of, along with a bucket of chilled water to drink at the end of each row of seats.

Sound Quality

The beach is a pretty noisy place. The waves crashing, the breeze, and the birds are all beautiful sounds, but not when someone wants to hear the wedding vows. Consider a sound system.


If you plan on having tables and chairs, they will sink in the sand. Renting or having someone to build a small flooring area is an option. Even a square of inexpensive indoor/outdoor carpet is a great alternative.

Considering Bugs/Mosquitoes

Late evening beach weddings often have some uninvited guests: bugs! Citronella candles can double as bug repellent and add some romantic décor. You can also have a few cans of bug repellent handy just in case.

Obey Beach Laws

If you're renting beachfront, consider the rules and regulations. Make sure you understand what is and what is not acceptable. Some places may limit guests or even prohibit the use of candles. Check ahead of time and get a copy of the rules.

Restroom Facilities

If you plan to have the ceremony and the reception at the beach, make sure you know where the restrooms are if any. Portable potties can be rented inexpensively but make sure they are allowed.

The beach is a beautiful place to get married. Just make sure that you've covered all aspects of your beach wedding before sending out the invitations. Otherwise, guests will be quite disappointed if they attend, leave with sunburn, and leave early for lack of restroom facilities. It's best to prepared to relax at your beach wedding, and even take a dip afterwards. Complimentary bathing suits are fun for all too!

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