Planning a Recycled Water Irrigation System Planning a Recycled Water Irrigation System

If you have a landscaped lawn in your home that you are particularly proud of, you can make it stay green the whole year round by using recycled water to irrigate it. The system will allow you to maintain a lush greenery without the need to water them manually everyday. People living in warmer areas are in particular need for a water irrigation system.

Using Recycled Irrigation Water Effectively

In planning for your own irrigation system, a good rule of thumb to follow is to use 75% or lower of your available flow for your different zones. You can refer to a chart for pipe friction loss to know the size of pipe that you should need for your irrigation system. If you are going to use a class 160 pipe that is in 1 inch diameter, it will be able to carry as much as 16 gallons of recycled water per minute in 5 feet per second rate or lower. If you will use more water, the velocity will increase thereby causing loss of pressure and too much friction. You would also have an additional water hammer which is not good for the system.

Factors to Consider

There are 2 main factors to consider in your irrigation system planning. These are the flow, which is measured in gallons per minute and the static pressure of the water or psi on the water source. Measure both of these factors as close to the output as you can.

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