Planning a Wood Burning Stove Chimney Planning a Wood Burning Stove Chimney

A wood burning stove chimney is something you should spend some time thinking about before installing your new stove. The placement is important to the overall safety of your home and family.

Clearance to Combustibles

The wood burning stove chimney is more efficient when you can install it to an exterior wall. That means the stove will have to be near a corner or along a wall. The stove will give off heat in every direction, so it is recommended that there be at least 30 to 36 inches of clearance between stove and wall.

Build Heat Shield

Position your wood burning stove chimney in a place where you can easily build a heat shield of cement, brick or stone.

Give Chimney Some Height

Raise the chimney at least 30 inches up from the stove before making a bend toward the wall. Higher is even better but keep 12 to 16 inches of clearance between the stove chimney pipe and the ceiling.

Keep Chimney Away from Windows

As the wood burning stove chimney exits to the home on the exterior wall, make sure there are no windows or eaves near by. Extend the chimney out from the wall by 24 inches and up another 48 inches.

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