Planning for a Garden Storage Bench Planning for a Garden Storage Bench

If you're looking for a good place to store outdoor toys, gardening tools, and other outdoor accessories, consider building or buying a garden storage bench. Storage benches are perfect for storing items and keeping them out of sight. They also provide extra seating and the visual appeal that furniture contributes to a space.

So what types of garden storage benches are available, and what can you store in them?

Plastic Garden Benches

Plastic garden benches are sturdy and provide the right type of storage for garden tools and other items you use outdoors, by the pool, and on the patio. You can place plastic garden benches in your backyard, garage, garden shed, or any outdoor area that could use a versatile storage solution.

Wooden Storage Benches

Wooden storage benches provide the ideal place to store miscellaneous outdoor items, such as children's toys and other implements. You can also use this type of garden bench to store garden tools.

Plus, a wooden garden bench offers another great feature that you don't get with most plastic benches. Wooden benches are beautiful pieces of outdoor furniture that serve as extra seating. They save space, keep useful items neatly stashed away until they are needed, and add beauty to a backyard garden area or patio.

There are many different styles of wood benches, many with finely crafted decorative elements and details. You shouldn't have a problem finding a piece that you love. Cedar storage benches are a popular choice for many situations, especially if you want to keep pests away from the items you plan on storing. Cedar naturally repels pests and is a high quality wood product.

Sealed Wood

An outdoor storage bench made of sealed wood is another good choice for a backyard or patio. Most of these wooden benches are constructed with a cushioned seat that looks wonderful on decks and patios. The extra comfortable seating this type of outdoor garden bench provides is also an asset.

Sealed wood ensures the garden bench remains in good condition for years, protected from the elements. This is an important feature when purchasing outdoor furniture.

The Importance of Quality

When shopping for a garden bench, make sure you purchase a piece that is made of quality materials. Wood benches should be made out of solid wood and have strong hinges. Stay away from benches that are constructed out of particle board.
When selecting a plastic storage bench, look for a bench that isn’t flimsy. It should have a sturdy appearance and the capacity to support the weight of an adult without bowing in.

If you want to save money, buy a storage bench that requires assembly. This way you get the best of both worlds. Assembling a pre-fabricated storage bench isn't as difficult as building one from scratch, and you save money.

Whatever style of garden bench you choose, make sure it provides the type of storage you need and matches the look of your outdoor décor. If extra seating is important to you, make sure you purchase a bench that provides ample and comfortable seating for family and friends.

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