Planning for Custom Iron Spiral Stairs

What You'll Need
Measuring tape
Paper to record on

Planning for custom iron spiral stairs can be a stressful task, especially if you have never done it before. If you are redoing your home or moving into a new area, planning for custom iron spiral stairs may be exciting. ?Spiral stairs are a great look to have in your home and outdoors because they are both classic and edgy when you do them in iron. Here is a quick guide, along with a few tools and materials that you may need to help you through the process.

Step 1 - Measuring

You should start by measuring both the width and the depth of the opening where you want your spiral staircase to be. Then you will need to measure the actual height. When doing so, you must measure the floor-to-floor height. These measurements will help you decide how often the stairs will turn, at what angle, how quickly, the distance between each stair, and the height of the case all together. Most of the decisions are based only from these measurements that you begin the process with.

Make to record the measurements as you go. Do them a few times to be sure. Also, a good idea is to measure in a couple spots for both the height and the width. It may seem silly to measure across in 3 different areas, but you may have a hallway or soon to be stairway that is uneven. By measuring a few different spots, you are able to make sure that the area is even and you can plan accordingly.

Step 2 - Buying Material

Once you have the measurements you can look around at different places that sell iron spiral stairs, especially those who customize. Get an idea of prices. Shopping around can help you find a great installation company as well as a great price. ??If you are having them installed, then you may want to consider bringing someone who is working on them for measuring process. Many times they will come and measure themselves, but you will still need to prepare the area and clean it out, making sure that nothing is in the way.

Step 3 - Consider the Location

When you are planning for custom iron spiral stairs, you will need to consider the location that you want to put them. If you are planning to put the stairs indoors, then you won't have to do much extra preparation. If you plan on having the iron staircase outdoors, you will have to take temperature into consideration when you are planning. Metal will change size slightly when the temperature changes. You should plan for the expansion while taking the staircase measurements.