Planning Out A Butler's Pantry

Even if you do not have a butler on staff, you can still have what is known as a butler's pantry. The original purpose of a butler's pantry was to give servants access to the food preparation areas while keeping them separate from the guests and the kitchen.

Updated pantries in this style provide ample storage of dry goods and other kitchen essentials. This useful kitchen add-on is also great for handling the extra food volume that comes with entertaining.

Keep several points in mind when planning a butler's panty.

Form and Function

A butler's pantry should be adjacent to your kitchen in a separate but accessible area. Ideally, it will be closed off with a swinging door that can be easily passed through with arm loads of food and serving dishes. Most pantries will incorporate a bar sink or a small ordinary sink for easier clean up after the meal has been prepared.

Make sure to include plenty of drawer space and cabinet space in your design for storage of serving trays and bowls and seldom used appliances that are bulky and not used in the kitchen on a day-to-day basis. Counter space is another consideration, as you may want to use the pantry for food prep as well as storage.

In the end, you will want to design your butler's pantry to suit your own living, cooking and entertaining needs.