Planning to Build a Stone Retaining Wall Planning to Build a Stone Retaining Wall

What You'll Need
Measuring tape
Computer with Internet access

When building a stone retaining wall, there is a lot you have to think about and consider before you even begin to build. Here are a few steps to help you through the planning process.

Step 1 - Choose a Location and Function

The first thing that you will have to do is choose the location that you want for the retaining wall. A stone retaining wall is typically used to hold back a hillside in order to take the slope out of the yard, so positioning it correctly is important. Once you know where it will be you can choose the size as well as the materials you will want to use to build it.

Step 2 - Choose Dimensions

If you are planning to use this retaining wall as a separator between a garden and a lawn slope then it typically will not have to be very tall, but may be a little longer depending on how big the garden is and how long it runs or if the slope is pushing back too far. Once you have made the determination for the function you can begin measuring the space you want to use.

Step 3 - Materials

The types of materials you use will depend on a few things. Mainly your style, budget and weather conditions will factor in to the kind of stone you use. Shopping around and comparing prices is the best tip that anyone could give you when it comes to finding the best stone for the project. You will want to choose a color and size or even design and from there you can decide on where you can get it for the least amount of money. Starting your search online can help you narrow down stores and then after you find a few that meet your needs you can go in and talk to an employee and actually see the stone.

One great tip is to make sure to start your search way before the deadline for this project if you have one. Many times you will be able to find the stone you want at the store, but you may have to order and have it delivered if it isn't available which can take up extra time.

Other materials that you are going to need besides the stone include: wheel barrow, hammer, spade, safety gloves and glasses, chisel, power saw, level, stakes, sand and a hand compressor.

Step 4 - Learn How to Build a Base

Building the base is important so that the entire structure can be sound for years to come. You will want to start the base out with angular particles so that they dig into the ground. If you were to use a base that was more round then you run the risk of it sinking. The best material is crushed stone. You will need to layer about 5 inches of crushed stone and compress it and then fill in any holes with sand.

Following these planning steps will help you to find the material you like and continue on with your project successfully.

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