Planning to Finish an Attic - 5 Tips

When you finish an attic, bear in mind these basic guidelines in order to plan out the whole process properly.

Tip 1 - Attic Space

The attic might be your best option to increase the space available in your home. It may need to be renovated, though.

If you have no attic, you will have to build one, which will involve considerable planning. If the roof of your house is pitched, the attic will end up being rather small. Therefore, take this into consideration when planning how much headroom your new attic will have. This applies to storage space as well.

Tip 2 - Structure

Consider hiring a professional home inspector or an architect to plan out the whole process safely. They will help you evaluate the suitability of the floor and roof for whatever plans you have.

Tip 3 - Wiring

Another important factor when planning to finish an attic is the lighting. This will require wiring and electrical connections. Once again, it is best to hire a professional. An electrician can help plan out the whole wiring process. Also, be careful not to ruin your attic's insulation when running electricity.

Tip 4 - Other Lighting Considerations

Consider alternative lighting such as windows, dormers, or a skylight.

Tip 5 - Access

Access to the attic should be available from inside the house and outside the house. If the attic is directly connected to the roof, you should have at least one access point through it to the roof. The entrance to the attic from within the house should be well planned so as not to disrupt the décor of the house. To that end, consider having a door of the same height, width, and material as other doors in the same corridor.

A stairway may have to be built, especially if the attic is going to be built from scratch. It is important to plan this out well as this will have a direct effect on the space below the attic.

A hand drawing plans for a house.Not done? Here's what you should consider when you plan a home addition.