Planning to Install a Drop-In Kitchen Sink

Installing a drop-in kitchen sink is not too hard of a task. Depending on what type of drop-in sink is being installed, this task may need to be planned a little in advance. You get what you pay for when it comes to the quality of drop-in kitchen sink materials. A cheap stainless steel drop-in kitchen sink will flex when you push or it. It will also scratch easily. A cheaper stainless steel drop-in sink is hard to keep clean. A good quality drop-in sink will have a sound-deadening insulation coating on its underside. The inside will have a burnished finishing. The enameled cast iron drop-in sinks last much longer than the stainless steel ones. They also come in a variety of colors. Acrylic sinks look like enameled cast iron. The more expensive ones are just as durable. The cast iron and acrylic drop-in sinks have insulation properties that tend to keep water warm longer than stainless steel sinks do.

Consider the Space

Most of our kitchen time is spent at the sink. We use our sink for washing our food in preparation, or cutting it. This is a task that needs to be made as efficient as it possibly can. When making plans to install a drop-in kitchen sink, space is one of the factors that need to be considered. The drop-in sink will need to accommodate the location where it will be installed. If it is being placed under a window, in a corner or on a kitchen island, size will need to be considered also. Some drop-in sinks have different necessities built in for convenience. This helps to eliminate unnecessary movements and is very efficient. These drop-in sinks have cutting boards and colanders built in to help prepare food. Others have additional bowls and drying racks equipped.

Consider the Faucet

Another thing to consider when planning to install a drop-in kitchen sink is the faucet. The height of the faucet, the location of the sprayer and whether it is one or two handle functionality needs to be decided. The faucet needs to be able to reach all areas of the drop-in sink. 

Consider the Finish

When planning to install a drop-in kitchen sink, consider the type of finish you would like your drop-in sink to have. Stainless steel gives your drop-in sink a more contemporary look. They do tend to scratch easily and will need careful maintenance so as not to get scratched or corroded. When planning to install a stainless steel drop-in sink, the thickness is important to think about. The thicker the steel is, the less the worry will be about it denting or flexing. There is a gauge (or thickness) chart that shows how thick the material is. Granite sinks are both attractive and durable. They are cost effective, easy to clean and do not get scratched easily. If a cast iron drop-in sink is desired, be prepared to scrub it often so that it will maintain its clean look as it scratches easily from pots and pans. A cast iron drop-in sink is very durable.