Planning to Install a Glass Block Kitchen Island

glass blocks on wood floor

If you want to install glass block, you need to plan well. A glass block kitchen island requires a workable design and materials that will fit well together. The glass block has to flow into the wood or the metal if you’re using those materials.


When you consider whether to install glass block in your kitchen, start by asking yourself what you want the island to do. Will it be an eating area? Will it be a cooking and preparation area? Do you plan on installing running water and a drain so you can have a sink there? These factors all influence your design. Once you know the function of the island, you can move ahead.


The design of your glass block kitchen island depends on the size and style of your kitchen. Make sure it fits with the overall design. A modern type of island isn’t going to work with a colonial kitchen, for example. Research first, and look at plenty of pictures for inspiration. In most cases the glass block will need to be in a frame of wood or metal for strength. Take this need into account when you draw your design for your glass block kitchen island.


The design will dictate your materials. If your kitchen uses plenty of blond wood, incorporate that into your island design. Or if your kitchen contains a great deal of stainless steel, use that in your island too.

Make the glass block a visually important part of the feature. You can’t use it on the top of the kitchen island, but if you have it on all four sides, it will make a great focal point in the kitchen. Extending the counter over the side of the glass brick will give you a larger working or eating surface.


If you’re not especially handy, you might consider using a professional to install glass block for your kitchen island. That way you know it will look good and all the connections will be properly made.

If you’re running a drain and a water line to the island area, complete these tasks first because you’ll need to take up the kitchen floor. Similarly, if you’re running electricity, install the glass block kitchen island afterward.

Mark out the area for the kitchen island carefully. Use a template to be certain you have the angles and orientation exactly as you want them before you install the glass block kitchen island. Take your time. Speed might help make the kitchen more usable, but the end result will be much better if you go slowly and make sure everything is right.