Planning to Make a Built-In Desk Planning to Make a Built-In Desk

A built-in desk gives you extra work space in a den or kitchen. To be sure your plan is successful, consider these elements for your desk.

Height and Width

You will need to be sure that your built-in desk is not over-powering in size for the room you are using it in. For instance, if you are considering putting the desk in a kitchen nook, you will have to be sure that it will not take up too much space for you to be able to work around it. Measure out from the wall the amount on space your will need for your desktop, as well as how wide you need it. Check to be sure sure you have at least 3 feet to work around the desk for setting the table, etc.

If you are going to have a tight space, you may want to have rounded corners on your desktop in case someone happens to bump into it. If your space is too tight, though, you may want to think of putting it in another area.

Materials For Your Desk

Be sure that the materials you choose for your desk match the room. If you have a contemporary styled room, you can use metal for your desk, or light wood. If your room is more traditional, you can use dark wood or simply paint the desk in a color to match your decor. For the legs of the desk, you can choose metal or wood that has spindle patterns already carved in it.

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