Planning Your Trellis: Shade or Sun? Planning Your Trellis: Shade or Sun?

Deciding whether to build a shade trellis or a more sunlit one can be a challenge. After all, both types of trellis have their merits.  The following should give you some food for thought in making your own decision on the matter.

A Shade Trellis

Trellises offer you shade, using the angle of the sun and the close placement of the bars, to create a solid level of shade for you and your guests. This style of trellis is best if you enjoy entertaining in broad daylight, and want to be able to look at your guests without having to squint on a bright day. It can also be a good place to shelter plants which don't need too much sunlight.

A Sunnier Trellis

If the bars are spaced further apart, however, more sunlight filters through them. This is a better option if you prefer to entertain during the dawn and dusk times, when every bit of light needs to be used to its utmost. In some instances, using a light coloring on your trellis's structure can reflect low light and make an area seem brighter. A sunny trellis also allows light-loving plants to flourish.

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