Plans For Toy Storage Boxes

For the do-it-yourself enthusiast, building from plans for toy storage boxes can provide an efficient method to accomplish a project successfully. All kids love and need a toy box in their bed or play room. You can add a personal touch of loving care by creating your child’s toy storage box using a detailed plan.

Wooden Boxes

A wooden toy box remains the most popular choice when purchasing a storage container. Wood is a beautiful material that can be manipulated into many shapes, sizes and colors. It is durable. When properly cared for, wooden toy storage containers will last for many years. Although a wooden box is quite easy to find and purchase for instant use, building one on your own using a set of plans can create what may one day be a family heirloom, handed down from one generation to the next. Plans are simple to follow and with the right tools are easily accomplished by even the novice woodworker.

What Do You Want to Build?

Your choices are endless and variety is no problem. In fact, there are so many different toy storage box plans from which to choose it may be a bit overwhelming. Therefore, you may want to narrow down your choices even before you begin your search. If you simply wish to build a plain box with four sides and a flip-up lid, all you really need to do is search for a set of plans. However, if you are an advanced or expert woodworker, more detailed and ornate plans involving shapes and special woodworking tools like routers and jigsaws can make for a challenging project. The end results, however, can be a piece of functional furniture that is soundly built, providing years of use.

Detailed toy storage box plans can include templates for many favorite themed designs, including fire engines, police and racing cars as well as barns and castles. By creating a themed toy storage box, you can incorporate your child’s preferences as well. Also, working with wood allows special personalization like letter cutouts that spell a name or creating slip in photo frames that mark the growing changes in your child’s appearance.

Look for Plans Online

Hundreds of different toy storage box plans can be found online. Always check the Do-It-Yourself website first. Some you may find are free. Key into your favorite search engine specific phrases, like “fire engine toy box plans” or “castle toy box plans,” to review many choices and websites offering easy-to-follow building plans. When you are ready, you can download the plans to your computer desktop and then get to work.

Online retailers usually offer items that are far less expensive than traditional retail outlets. Plus, when ordering plans they are available in an instant through computer download.