Grand Plans for a Small Bathroom

bathroom decorated to look larger

There are several ways to make a small bathroom look more spacious. One can create the illusion of space by carefully choosing colors, mirrors, and accessories.

Making a Bathroom Look Grand

It is essential to plan the layout before you buy anything. Make sure that you list all the items and fixtures you need.

Wall Color

Choose a light color for your walls. Light colors give an airy feeling. You can use a dark shade for the wall opposite the entrance to create depth.


Using a large mirror on a wall visually doubles the space. Whatever the size of the mirror, ensure that you place it horizontally on the wall to make the bathroom look wider.

Choosing the Right Accessories

The less furniture in a bathroom, the more open it will look. Shop for small fixtures. Buy shower curtains and drapes that are the same color or similar brightness as the walls of the bathroom. Continuity of color gives the impression of a larger room

Half Bath

Consider a half bath that can be placed in a corner with a shower on top. A corner basin shower needs little space. Choose sinks and toilets that are attached to the wall and not the floor. The extra flooring makes a small bathroom look larger.