Plant Ferns for a Cooling Breezy Look Plant Ferns for a Cooling Breezy Look

Many people, who are looking for a cool breezy look as a decoration to their garden, plant ferns because ferns help you attain this effect easily and simply.

What Are Ferns?

Ferns have been around for millions of years and are a very ancient type of plant.  In fact, they have existed and thrived on earth since before any type of living animal appeared and they reproduce from spores rather than seeds. Native to humid areas, they cannot grow in hot and dry climates like flowering plants. 

How To Grow Fern Plants

Although ferns are slow to grow, they live for a very long time. To grow a fern, select a place where there is complete shade and no direct sun is present. Ferns like soil that is rich in organic matter, and like their soil moist at all times. Once you have planted the fern, make sure to water it well on a regular basis since ferns need a lot of moisture to grow and flourish.  If you have poor soil, make sure to add mulch from time to time to strengthen the soil. The stronger the soil, the healthier your fern will grow, and ferns need airy and rich soil in order to grow well. In dry periods, especially in summer, make sure to keep your soil damp. Occasionally, add some fertilizer, especially if you notice the leaves becoming rather pale. You might need to replant your ferns from time to time, to avoid the accumulation of dead roots, causing them to perish.

Why People Like Ferns

Ferns can grow without requiring much sunlight, so you can keep them in offices and attics to brighten up the place a little bit. They are very easy to grow and there is a large variety to choose from. They are also very attractive when mixed in a suitable setting such as within a cluster of rocks or beneath a windowsill. Hence, they create a very simple yet pleasant atmosphere, not only if placed indoors but also in a garden or backyard. When a breeze is present, they sway gently since they are very light.

Different Types Of Ferns For That Fresh, Breezy Look

There are various kinds of ferns which can create diverse looks. For instance, the Plumosus Fern has very intricate and delicate branches which create a very nice look, simulating a small tree swinging gently in a breeze. There are ferns, known as Sprengeri Ferns, characterized by more fluffy looking branches which tend to bend slightly, seeming like they have been windswept. The Ming Ferns are more soft and fuzzy, and so look very fresh and calming. These three types of ferns are ideal to create a cooling, breezy look which is extremely relaxing and peaceful.


Ferns are a great way of decorating your garden or front yard, or the interior of your home. Apart from the pretty colors they have, they make the place look more homey. It is good to know, however that some ferns are poisonous, so unless you know that your variety of ferns is safe, it's best to keep small children away from them and to make it a point to ask a specialist for recognition purposes.  Some species of ferns are becoming endangered nowadays, but given the right attention, your plant should thrive for years.

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