Plant Pyrethrum For a Natural Insecticide Plant Pyrethrum For a Natural Insecticide

The beautiful and colorful pyrethrum is a colorful daisy-likesflower that is a perfect addition to any garden or landscape. These plants also make a very effective insect repellent or natural pesticide for your flower or plant garden.

Nature’s Insecticide – The Pyrethrum

Pyrethrums (such as chrysanthemums) contain a natural low-toxicity natural insecticide that effectively deters many types of insects and small pests from entering your flower garden. In fact, the United States Department of Agriculture reports that the pyrethrum is currently the safest insecticide available for use.

You should sow pyrethrum seeds in direct sunlight areas of your garden or landscape, and provide moist soil so they can germinate and grow properly. The amount of sunlight that pyrethrums receive will determine how effective they are at repelling insects. More sunlight yields means more natural insect repellant.

You should plant pyrethrums approximately 12 to 18 inches apart in order to avoid overgrowth and crowding. You should also divide and transplant pyrethrums at least once a year to avoid crowding and overgrowth.

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