Plant Stand Tier Construction: Start to Finish

What You'll Need
Wood (ash or birch)
Finishing nails
Table saw
Measuring tape
Pen or pencil

There are many ways you can construct plant stand tier levels aside from the one discussed below.  However, the ability to create a simple wood 3-tier plant stand will allow you to construct different ones in the future.

Step 1 – Assemble Tiers

The best way to create a multi-tiered plant stand is to create one that will shed water and excess soil rather than contain them. First, create a shelf with slats that is strong enough to hold a pot. The best way to do this is by cutting 2 thick side beams. Then, cut notches in the side beams so you can insert the slats.  

If you keep the slats about 1 inch apart and make each slat about 1/2-inch thick (the same thickness is needed for the slots cut in each side beam), you should be able to create tier shelves that have a distinct ladder-like design to them. These shelves should be able to easily shed excess water and soil while, at the same time, retain enough strength to allow your pots to sit comfortably on top of them.

The length of the slats, the length of the beams and the corresponding number of slats required for each tier is entirely up to you.  You need to make sure the entire tier fits into the space you’ve designated for the plant stand and that the entire base of the pot can fit onto each tier. Beyond that, the dimensions are flexible--outside of the optimal 1/2-inch thickness for the slats and the 1-inch separation between them when creating the tier.

Step 2 – Plan Superstructure

When you are creating the superstructure of the plant stand, you need to first decide how you want the tiers to interact with each other. The simplest way is to create 2 L-shaped pieces to the superstructure for a 3-tiered look so they form 3 steps going up the different tiers. This is not set in stone for your future projects, but is the simplest way of creating the superstructure. Just make sure you create 1 for each side of the tier shelves--otherwise the structure will not be stable.

Step 3 – Assemble Superstructure

Once you have the design planned out, cut pieces of wood so each L-shape is progressively taller in order to hold the 3-tier shelves that you created in Step 1. Use finishing nails and a hammer to attach the tiers to the superstructure of the plant stand, adding glue and clamps for extra adhesion to hold everything in place until the glue dries.

Step 4 – Finish

Using paint, stain or varnish, proceed to put a coat of finish on the plant stand. This is especially important if the stand will be outside and exposed to the elements. Once the stain has dried, you can start placing potted plants on each of the 3 tiers.