Plantation Shutter Installation: 4 Tips Plantation Shutter Installation: 4 Tips

Installing plantation shutters are a beautiful addition to the inside or outside of your windows. Installation is fairly easy, but follow these 4 tips to assure your project comes out perfect.

1. Installing the Mounts

Whether you are using inside mounts or outside mounts, be sure to hold the shutter up before screwing them in place to be sure they are in the right spot and mark with a pencil. Also, add a shim behind the mount to keep your plantation shutters level during installation.

2. Installing the Shutter

When you drill in the first shutter, stop for a moment, and step back to look at it to be sure you have installed it plumb. It is easier at this point to catch a crooked shutter than after you have installed both of them.

3. Add Screw Covers

After you have your beautiful new shutters up, you will notice that the screws are obvious. Purchase screw covers to pop over the screws. They are very easy to install by pushing in over the screw and then gently tap in with a hammer until secure.

4. Don't Forget the Shutter Magnets

The shutter magnets are often an oversight. They are sometimes tossed out with the box and packing materials. The magnets will keep the shutters closed. Most homes have an area that is not level, and your shutters will pop open.

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