Planting a Weeping Cherry Tree

A weeping cherry tree can be the focal point of your garden, with good soil, ample drainage and room to spread its boughs. Follow these suggestions to plant a weeping cherry tree or dwarf weeping cherry tree to ensure it has a long, healthy life.

Where to Plant a Weeping Cherry Tree

Plant in a sunlit area that gets 8 hours or more per day, more than 15 feet away from other flowers or shrubs that need sunshine. If soil has a high clay content, add sand or gravel to improve moisture drainage.  You can plant a dwarf weeping cherry tree on a small lot, as they spread only about 5 feet and reach 10 feet in height.

How to Plant the Tree

Choose a tree at least a year old, with well-developed roots. Scoop out a hole six inches wider than the root mass, to let it spread. Put some root-growth fertilizer in the hole and set the tree in very gently. Refill with soil, packed lightly and water intensively.

Weeping Cherry Tree Care and Maintenance

Preventing soil dryness and keeping it fertile will discourage the growth of disease fungi and insect pests such as aphids and borers on both full size and dwarf weeping cherry trees.