Planting A Witch Hazel Tree

The witch hazel tree has many medicinal uses for the skin and is also used as a natural astringent. It is best suited to grow in climate zones 4 through 6 and can reach heights up to 3 feet but usually stays around 2-feet tall.

Witch hazel is a large shrub that flowers late in the year; usually after most other species have already blossomed and withered away. This shrub requires full sun to partial shade and is moderately drought tolerant.

The foliage of the Witch Hazel tree is attractive year round; sprouting fresh and young red leaves which mature into showy green leaves that may grow to be 8 inches long. In the fall, the leaves transform into beautiful orange and red colors before dropping in late fall.

When planting a young witch hazel tree, make sure you place it in a location where its foliage can grow a couple of feet in all directions without harming anything. Make sure that it isn’t too close to the walls of your home or another plant that could be smothered by it.