Planting And Growing A Vanda Orchid Planting And Growing A Vanda Orchid

While many orchids are notoriously difficult to grow, the Vanda orchid is the exception. Many orchids need two or more years before they are able to bloom. The Vanda orchid, however, is a hearty flower. It is known to grow naturally in the Himalayas and can bloom 3 or 4 times per year under the right conditions.

What Makes A Vanda Orchid So Easy To Grow

Vanda orchids can grow in warm to mild conditions, making them a popular choice for North American orchid growers. They can still thrive when temperatures are in the low 50s. They also thrive on sunlight, so it is wise to keep Vanda orchids near windows or on the sunniest side of your home. Vanda orchids are thirsty plants that need to be watered daily. If kept inside, you might consider using artificial light sources to make sure they get adequate light.

Finally, when planting you should allow for plenty of air to be in the soil. Vanda orchids thrive on loose soil and get much of their moisture from the surrounding air. When cultivated properly, these colorful flowers offer vibrant purple hues for your home.

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