Planting Hardy Perennials: Hardy Begonias and Ice Plants Planting Hardy Perennials: Hardy Begonias and Ice Plants

March is the right month for planting hardy perennials. There is still time for the next season, so check some good cross border hardy perennials that can bring a vibrant look to the garden. If you have good space, it would be a shame to waste it on just having grass growing under the feet. Get some hardy begonias and ice plants which can perk up the entire look in the region. The edges can do with a little pruning and after dead heading is done; get new flowering plants to bloom.

When the climate becomes cooler, hardy begonias can be added to the family. They are also tolerant towards shade. Annual hardy perennials add to the flowering and foliage of the garden. Some of these plants are even easy on the budget which makes them an attractive option. Look for combination of plants which require sun and shade. Hardy begonias and ice plants survive the harshest climates. They are also easy to maintain even by those who are just beginning to take interest in gardening.

How Planting Hardy Perennials Works

Have you seen a driveway or a small winding path with pink purple and green foliage on either side? Each time you walk past or drive they have increased in size. It is a beautiful sight. The hedge is surrounded by hardy perennial ice plant called delosperma cooperi. With a lesser known technique called xeriscape, where less soil and water is required, they bloom perfectly. They also make a pretty picture with the volume of greenery. It may take one or two summers to make a healthy hedge on both sides.

You would need to do a little pinching of the sprigs to make sure they grow. It is a trimming process which insures its continuous growth. Even if you have to plant a new sprig to cover more ground, simply pick one and make an appropriate hole in the soil. And plant it. Then watch it grow and become a family member with the rest of the hedge. A hardy ice plant has shallow roots and can seed out.

If you are a lazy gardener, hardy perennial begonias are good. If you have cultivated good soil and planted the seed right, it is a good beginning. The plant will grow if care is taken in the initial stage and also save money. And reap the garden harvest!

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