Planting Irish Moss in and Around the Patio

Irish moss is great for ground cover on a slope, or as a decorative border around the deck or patio. It is a hardy plant and tolerant of most soil types, so long as the soil is fertile. Provide it with rich soil, allow enough room for the plants to grow, and you have the basics of using Irish moss around the patio.

How and Where to Plant

To get the best results with Scotch moss, space them out at least 6 inches. Keep the original soil with the plant when transferring it into the ground, and moisten it well for the first 2 days. For the first 2 weeks the soil needs to remain moist. If any of the leaves turn yellow, remove them to reduce the strain on the plant.

How to Make it Grow

Sagina subulata will thrive in fertile soil. To give it a helping hand, treat the soil with cotton seed meal mixed with compost. Make sure that the plants receive at least 4 to 6 hours of sunlight per day. Keep the soil light and fluffy without excessive packing. The plants will do the rest on their own. Mulch can be applied around the plants, but should never cover them.