Planting the Slow Growing Black Gum Tree

The black gum tree is a very slow growing plant, but it responds easily to fertilizer applications. Plant this tree in a sunny spot, although it also does well under partial shade. When planting the tree, ensure the soil contains enough acidity. Black gum trees prefer an acidic soil

The tree is tolerant to drought and is known to thrive in moist, bottom-land soils. It usually grows to between 50 and 75 feet. In a few circumstances the tree has grown to almost 150 feet.


When planting the tree, space it 30 feet from neighboring trees with similar patterns of growth to avoid overcrowding. The tree grows to a good size for most landscapes of a smaller size. It's also a good tree to plant in urban areas, as it is more resistant to air pollution than other trees.

Natural Beauty

This tree is admired for its natural beauty and is considered one of the five best shade trees in America. This is an excellent specimen tree because of its beautiful summer and fall foliage. The tree doesn't require too much water, and can tolerate salt and alkali soils moderately well.

This tree makes a wonderful addition to a wide range of yards and gardens.