Planting the Sundrop Flower

The Sundrop flower is one of the easy to grow flowers of the world. They require very little care and have a beautiful bright yellow blossom. The Sundrop is a wild flower that does something unusual. When the sun goes down their flowers close up. Being a wild flower, the Sundrop does spread very quickly and some people see it as an unwelcomed addition to their garden. Planting the Sundrop is a very easy process.

Start from Seed

The Sundrop plan can be started from seed and planted directly into the ground in the Spring season after the frost has left the ground. Plant them in sunny locations that drain well.

Space 12 Inches Apart

When you sow these seeds directly to the ground, make sure there is at least 12 inches of space in between each one. If you are planting from a potted plant, keep the 12 inch spacing but also set the plant into the ground as deep as the dirt enclosure they were in.

Water Well

Once the seeds, or plant, has been sown into the the soil, make sure it is watered well. Do not leave it in a puddle of water, but the ground should be soaked.