Planting the Wand Flower in Your Garden

A wand flower.

A native of South Africa, the wand flower is also known as the African corn lily. Its star-shaped flowers bloom in the summer from one to two feet in height in light pink, white, bright yellow, and reddish-purple colors.

Sunny Locations

Although wand flowers are best grown in sunny climates with moist soil, they can be planted in gardens that receive at least partial sun and should get a minimum of six to seven hours of sunlight daily.


The best season to plant the corn is in the fall, three to five inches deep. Wand flowers can be grown individually or grouped together by digging one large hole.


Surround the plant with organic compost to prevent the evaporation of moisture, the freezing of roots, and the growth of weeds. Be careful not to mulch on top of the plant.


Use fertilizer to help the plant grow to maximum capacity. Afterward, water the plants at least once a week or more often in dry climates or during droughts.


Since wand flowers produce new corns and can create overcrowding, lift the corns in the summer when they are inactive and replant in the fall.