Plants to Grow in a Pot Trellis Plants to Grow in a Pot Trellis

The pot trellis is a lovely and inexpensive means to beautify your garden or porch. There are two main types—the hanging pot trellis, which can be mounted on a wall or beam, and the standing one, which is placed on the ground or the floor. The pots are usually made of clay, but there are also metal (mostly copper and sheet metal) and wooden ones. They vary greatly in shape and size which allows them to accommodate a great variety of plants and flowers. Below are some of the species that people prefer to grow in pot trellises.

Climbing Roses

Climbing roses differ from the common ones in that they do not form a bush, but rather sprout forth in lush wreaths of verdure. They bloom in any color typical for this royal flower: from snow white through pale yellow and reddish orange to the classic crimson red. In general, a climbing rose should be maintained just like any other rose, but for the fact that it should be pruned on a more regular basis.

Morning Glory

Morning Glory is an annual plant that can sometimes reach 9 feet in height. This vine blooms in red, blue or white, with the flowers opening in the morning and closing late in the afternoon. Usually, Morning Glory is a sun-loving plant and should be exposed to plenty of sunlight, although there are some subspecies, e.g. Ipomoea Muricata, which bloom at night and prefer shady areas. Morning Glory should never be allowed to grow in dry soil for prolonged periods of time, or else its delicate petals will shrivel and wither rather quickly. 


This is a perennial vine that flowers either in the spring or in early summer. It prefers semi-shady spaces and is perfect for pot trellises which don’t receive much sunlight. The over three hundred species that comprise the Clematis genus bloom in many different colors, but purple and white are the most common ones.

Sweet Pea

As an annual plant that originates in the Mediterranean, Sweet Pea loves warmth and sunlight. It has a sweet scent (hence the name) and blooms in small purple or pink flowers. Sweet Pea usually reaches about 6 feet and requires relatively little tending.


This perennial plant flowers in gorgeous light purple clusters that can often reach more than 30 inches in size. It requires ample sunlight and should be placed at the south side of your premises. Be careful, however, as the seeds of some subspecies may be poisonous upon intake.


Unlike the species above, Bougainvillea is not so frequently cultivated in modern households. However, if you live in a moderately hot climate, there is no reason why you shouldn’t adorn your garden with it. The plant is native of South America and has dark green leaves with small black thorns and fabulous flowers, running the whole gamut from magenta and purple to yellow and white. Indeed, Bougainvillea needs a fair share of care but if you grow it in a pot trellis, its wild, vivid beauty will be a more than worthy reward for you.

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