Plaster Plaster

Plaster, much like cement, is made from a mixture of lime, sand and water. However, unlike cement, plaster is soft and may crumble when dry. Many older homes had the interior walls covered in lathe and plaster. Today’s wall covering equivalent is sheet rock.

How to Repair a Damaged Lathe and Plaster Wall

• Remove the crumbly plaster around the damaged area.
• Cover the area with mesh tape.
• Apply a bonding agent.
• Prepare a lime based putty mixture to the consistency of bread dough.
• Press the putty firmly into the damaged areas with a trowel and smooth.
• Sand as necessary to a smooth finish.
• Prime and paint for best protection against further damage.

In today’s replace instead of repair society, some may feel it is just easier or better to replace the plaster with sheet rock, but unless you have other reasons to disassemble the wall, it is really quite quick and easy to use plaster for your project.

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