Plastic Chairs

Plastic chairs are chairs made of plastic that are usually cheap, lightweight, functional over fashionable, and easily stored or moved. Plastic chairs are most often also stackable, and have become the staple extra chair, or guest chair in an outdoor setting, beside the swimming pool, for instance.

Stackable plastic chairs are very inexpensive, and can be easily washed and need no protection from the elements, except in cleanliness considerations.

Other Types of Plastic Chairs

One type of plastic chairs that are widely used in function halls, business conference setting, churches and schools are stackable metal frame plastic chairs. These are heavier that the stackable plastic chairs you would keep in the backyard. They have sturdy legs, and plastic backs and seats, and come in a variety of colors.

They are relatively comfortable, and because of they can be stacked, these plastic chairs are able to be easily stored and moved. Another similar type plastic chair is the folding plastic chair, which has many of the same qualities as the metal frame model, only is lighter and more easily portable.