Plastic Crown Molding Plastic Crown Molding

Installing plastic crown molding has become more and more popular in the last two years. With builders and homeowners looking for a cheaper alternative to wood trim, plastic has become a viable option. Here are the basics of plastic crown molding and what you can expect from it as a homeowner.

Plastic Crown Molding

Plastic crown molding provides you with a lightweight and durable crown molding material. Most of the time, no one gets close enough to crown molding to tell what it is made out of. Therefore, as long as it looks good, there is no reason that you should spend extra money just so that you can say you have the real thing. Plastic crown molding is traditionally quite a bit less expensive than using wood crown molding.

Plastic crown molding can be easily painted to match any decor. It is also very easy to install and anyone should be able to do it. You simply need a caulk gun and the proper adhesive in order to attach it to the wall. You just apply the adhesive and then hold the molding in place for about a minute. After that, you have a beautiful and functional crown molding for your home.

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