Plastic Fence Installation Tips

A plastic fence has several benefits as it is durable, looks neat and attractive and will not rot or fade. Plastic stands up well against wear and tear as well as the effects of weather elements. A plastic fence does not require much maintenance, yet will retain its good look for several years to come.

When to Install

It is best to install a plastic or PVC fence on a warm day. Installing when the weather is too hot or too cold will not take into account extremities in expansion and contraction. Warm weather will enable you to make a balanced estimation when taking measurements.

In Frost Conditions

If you live in an area that experiences cold weather, make sure you insert the fence posts below the frost depth. Holes containing the posts should be larger at the top and smaller at the bottom. This will prevent frost heave from forcing the posts out of the ground.

Room to Expand

Allow space for the plastic fencing to move. If you make it too tight, it is not likely to hold up.