Plastic Fence Options: 5 Styles

There are many kinds of plastic fence available to choose from. Some types are used for specific purposes, and other types are completely ornamental, and which one you will need depends on why you want to build the fence to begin with. Depending on your specific needs, you can use different types of plastic fencing, and choose among several styles in each type. The 5 styles listed here comprise the basic types of plastic fence on the market, and explains how each one differs, and what it is designed to be used for.

Type 1: Garden Fence

A decorative plastic fence makes an excellent border around a garden, patio, or flower bed. This type of fence is typically short, with two horizontal plastic rails that fit into notches in the posts. It is not designed to carry any type of load, serving merely as a border or an ornamental feature. This type of fence is often used as a border for a long driveway, or around the perimeter of a lawn. Some styles allow you to integrate a plastic archway or arbor in the design. Most types of garden fencing have removable post caps that are available in many different styles, including peaked, flat, and dome caps.

Type 2: Silt Fencing

Another type of plastic fence is silt fencing. This type of fence is available in long rolls, and is typically used to control erosion and protect slopes. Very few types of silt fencing are appealing to the eye, but the filtering effects are perfect for preventing the loss of topsoil. On construction sites, silt fence is often used around the perimeter to prevent contaminating the environment with accidental spills or other construction debris.

Type 3: Snow Fences

Plastic snow fence has large holes in it that will allow air flow, but serves as a break for windblown snow. This type of fencing is used to prevent the accumulation of snow mounds near structures. It is available in rolls, and is usually 3 to 5 feet high. On construction sites, snow fencing is used to define areas that are not to be disturbed during construction, such as a perimeter around large trees.

Type 4: Wildlife Barriers

Many types of plastic fencing can serve as wildlife barriers. Garden fences discourage larger animals from entering an area, and picket fences can even prevent smaller animals such as rabbits from entering. To keep out deer or other large wild mammals, snow fencing might work, but the best solution is probably to install a privacy fence, because it has the height to prevent deer from simply jumping over the barrier.

Type 5: Privacy and Picket Fences

Similar to a garden fence, a picket fence has plastic posts that are connected with horizontal rails. Individual slats are attached to the rails to form the pickets. Alternatively, privacy fence can be made of plastic, using vertical panels that clip onto the horizontal rails. Plastic privacy and picket fences are available in a large number of styles and designs, and can be purchased in most hardware stores and garden centers.