Plastic Outdoor Playhouse: Pros and Cons

A plastic outdoor playhouse is a great option should you be looking for an item your younger child can enjoy. Before you buy a plastic playhouse, however, there are some pros and cons regarding this playhouse that you should know about.

Pros of Outdoor Playhouses

In general, these types of structures are extremely sturdy and durable. From falling branches to climbing children, there is not much that can break this material. Because of the durability, they are also long lasting. These playhouses most likely will outlast the toddler years, making them great yard sale items. Not only will your child of years of use, but it can also be recycled for someone else to enjoy. Additionally, the plastic will allow some give should your child fall or slip. Plastic is softer and will not harm or injure your child as much as wood or metal could.

Cons of Outdoor Playhouses

First, the colors can sometimes fade, leaving a pale pink in place of red or washed out blues and greens. Second, although the playhouse lasts for a long time, it is generally designed for younger ages. Other types of playhouses are designed to be adjusted as the child ages, providing extra years of play. Third, for some the "plastic" look is not attractive or may not coordinate with the other outdoor decor.