Plastic Paver Edging Plastic Paver Edging

Plastic paver edging adds elegance to garden design. Gardeners, whether hobbyists or professional, use them to edge out garden spaces, calling attention to and creating defined spaces. There are some things you’ll want to consider before using it in your own garden layout. 


Don’t skimp on the price of your paver edging. The cheap stuff you can purchase at any home builder store is just that—cheap. Commercial grade edging will pay off in the end, lasting through frost and the like. 


Lay out the pavers on the ground to get an idea of placement. Prepare a 6 inch trough around the designated location of your edging. Use a rototiller or dig the trough yourself with a shovel. Edging comes in 20 foot lengths; cut it down to fit the elected area. Level the soil with a trowel. 


Lay the pavers a couple at a time, working your way down the trough. Make sure to step back and check your work occasionally, to see if you are laying the pavers as desired. Press each paver in with your foot. Make sure it is level. After the pavers are installed, fill in the gaps with soil on both sides.

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