Plastic vs. Cast Iron Trench Drain Grates

Trench drain gates are seen everyday in both residential and commercial settings. Unless you are looking for them specifically, you probably haven’t paid much attention to them. The standard drain gate has normally been cast iron, but with the recent moldablity of plastic, plastic drain gates have definitely taken a hold in the marketplace. Plastic gates come in numerous shapes and sizes are available in many colors to boot.

Plastic Drain Gates

In many residential settings, plastic drain gates can perform many functions at a fraction of the price of cast iron grates. Many homebuilders leave homeowners with drainage issues. Some common issues where a plastic drain gate may be used are in driveways that slope into the garage, grassy areas that grade toward the home, or pool decks that slope toward the house. Another great use for plastic drain gates is in the landscaping where there are areas that retain water, wet soggy grassy areas, pathways that trap water, or patios that drain water toward the home.

Cast Iron Drain Gates

In most commercial areas, cast iron drain gates are the most common type used. Drains in streets and on curbs are usually cast iron as are drains around around trees in commercial properties. Cast iron can be made from recycled material and can come in some impressive colors. Cast iron lasts an extremely long time and is the perfect choice for areas that do not need to be updated often.