Plastic Window Replacement Tips

If you have a damaged plastic window, a replacement piece of plastic or plexiglass will need to be installed as soon as possible to keep out the rain and other elements. Replacing a piece of plastic in a window is a simple DIY project, and these tips will help the whole process go a little smoother.

Measure and Request the Plastic Pre-Cut

Before you head out to your local home improvement center to buy your new plexiglass for your window, make sure that you get exact measurements for the pieces of plastic you will need. Although you can cut the plastic yourself, many hardware stores will do this for free. Simply take your measurements to the store and save a lot of time by having them cut the plastic for you.

Don't Ruin the Plastic When You Clean It

After you install the new plastic into the window, you'll probably want to clean it. However, you should be very careful with the type of cleaning solution you use on plexiglass or plastic windows. Avoid strong cleaners that have ammonia or bleach in the mixture. Use a natural degreaser made from orange or lemon peels, or simply use a mild dish washing liquid and some warm water.

Remove Old Caulk Carefully

When removing the old plastic windows, you should take care not to damage the window casing or sash that holds window pane. Use a caulk removal solvent (such as the one made by 3M) to loosen up the caulk and then gently scraped away the caulk with a flat head screwdriver or putty knife.